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Everything you need for the modern job search

Tailor your resumes and cover letters with a click

Savviest uses cutting-edge AI to help decide what information in your resume and cover letter is most important for every application, and then rearranges it automatically. Stand out from other candidates and get past automated hiring systems, just like that.

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Track your job search from start to finish

Organize and track your applications all in one unified platform. Link your tailored resumes and cover letters, take notes, and never miss a deadline or interview.

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Dream jobs, landed

  • Thank you. I used Savviest for the resume that landed me at Amazon.

    Savviest user Pushp S.
    Pushp S.Software Development Engineer at Amazon
  • This is incredible holy 💩 it beats the pants off of anything else I've used.

    Savviest user Taylor L.
    Taylor L.Site Reliability Engineer at Reddit
  • Savviest makes it super easy to keep your resume up to date as you learn new skills, get new jobs, or gain experience. Once you have those, it’s a breeze to mix, match, and tweak a version of your resume to match a specific job or emphasize certain skills.

    Savviest user Peter K.
    Peter K.Senior Data Analyst at Ro
  • It’s super slick, and literally exactly what I need.

    Savviest user Kate M.
    Kate M.Project Manager at Google
  • Thanks so much! This tool is amazing and resulted in my sales management job at Redfin.

    Savviest user Victoria F.
    Victoria F.Market Manager at RedFin
  • The site rocks.

    Savviest user Sean B.
    Sean B.Front End Developer, Freelance
  • I really really liked it! I thought it was a great tool and makes resumes happen super fast.

    Savviest user Kelsie D.
    Kelsie D.Program Manager at Washington Authority
  • It’s super slick, and literally exactly what I need. This investigation into a career move has all happened pretty quickly, and I haven’t ever made a resume with my Customer Success background. Actually building a resume is such a drag, especially after working all day. Savviest definitely addresses an important need. So far, It’s absolutely working like I imagined and hoped it would.

    Savviest user Rick M.
    Rick M.Customer Experience Manager at Blindr
  • Thank you so much! This has been a great tool so far.

    Savviest user Skyler S.
    Skyler S.Product Manager at Mozilla
  • There is truly no more painful experience for me than looking for a job and it really does seem that you guys have developed novocain for it.

    Savviest user Todd V.
    Todd V.Sales Manager at Hyatt
  • I just accepted a job offer from the CV that I built using your product. It was a delightful experience.

    Savviest user Dan C.
    Dan C.Web Developer, Freelance
Some of Savviest's happy users.

We built Savviest for professionals like you

After talking to hundreds of job seekers we realized that it wasn't enough just to help them land their dream job. We needed to make the process easier and faster too.

So we built Savviest to make sure you get the best of both worlds:

A better job in less time.

Some of Savviest's happy users.

Even more awesome

Find the perfect job, become the perfect applicant

Discover your perfect job right in Savviest with personalized job scores and commute times. Find one you want, but not sure if you're a good fit? Savviest can recommend ways to become an even stronger applicant.

Stop guessing. Start getting interviews.

Make your cover letters count and save time writing them

Writing cover letters can be one of the hardest parts of applying to jobs, yet most other platforms don't help with the process.

With Savviest, automatically pull in previously saved paragraphs that match the job description. We insert the right employer name and job title for you too, so you get a customized cover letter quickly and easily.

Great resume. Great cover letter.

Computers are reading your resumes — we help you beat them

75% of employers use Applicant Tracking Systems which automatically read and evaluate your resumes.

Don't pass their test? Your application may never be reviewed again.

Savviest knows how to get you past automated systems.

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