One platform, from searching to hired

Track your applications, resumes, cover letters, and more in one unified platform.

Then use it to prepare for interviews, take notes, and rank your favorites.

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Mission control for your career

From searching to applying, interviewing to landing your dream job, track it all from the Savviest Job Tracker. Discover the joy of watching your applications move across the board as you get closer to landing your dream job.

No more spreadsheets

Gone are the days when you needed to organize your job search in Excel. Now it's all in one unified platform.

Manange your resume versions

Have a folder full of resume and cover letter versions? Not any more. Link your documents directly to your tracked jobs to ensure each application gets exactly the right resume.

Never miss an interview

Keep track of interview dates, application deadlines, and more right from the Job Tracker. Know where you are in the process every step of the way.

Tailored resumes and cover letters with a click

Want even more magic? Use AI to build tailored resumes and cover letters with a single click, right from your tracked job. Savviest uses the job description to decide what information from your profile should go in each document.

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